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Reloadable Shell Kits


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  1. All Up w/ Graceful Mine - Winda

    This 8 pack of mortars fill the whole sky with an amazing mine to start! Learn More
  2. Ballistic Bombs - Dominator

    This 10 pack of mortars comes with singles, doubles, and triples and is sure to light up the whole sky! Learn More
  3. Double Blast - Texas Outlaw

    Double Blast is a 6 pack of Texas Outlaw's hardest hitting double-break shells! Learn More
  4. Echo in the Ear - Winda

    Echo in the Ear is one of the most powerful reloadable shell kits on the market. You get 6 massive mortars cannister shells with a PVC tube. Learn More
  5. Excaliber - World Class

    Excaliber is a 24 pack of canister shells that are massive and hard hitting. For years this kit has been one of the best on the market so make sure to add one to your stash! Learn More
  6. Festival Balls - Boomer

    These pyro classics are an amazing value with tons of report! Learn More
  7. FX Artillery Mine Shells - Dominator Brand

    You get 6 bright and powerful mine shells! This is for the truest of pyros! Learn More
  8. Grim Reaper Canister Shells - Dominator

    This kit contains 12, 60 gram Canister Shells that will amaze all audiences. Some of the biggest mortars on the market! Learn More
  9. Kingslayer Artillery Shells - Dominator

    Kingslayer artillery shells are the new standard for canister shells! You get 18 of the hardest hitting, most colorful mortars on the market! Learn More
  10. Magnum Mini Artillery Shells - Boomer

    Don't let the size full you on these mini shells! You get 6 powerful mortars that are an amazing value! Learn More
  11. Making Fire - Cutting Edge

    Some of the best triple break shells on the market! You get 6 per pack. Learn More
  12. Mammoth Artillery Shells - Dominator

    These Mammoth Artillery Shells pack the same punch as the Mammoth 500 Gram Cake Line from Dominator. You get 12 per pack and trust us you won't be disappointed! Learn More
  13. Mini Artillery Shells - Cutting Edge

    These mortars pack a great punch for their size! 6 per pack. Learn More
  14. Outclass Shells - Winda

    These mortars come 12 per pack and each of them have an amazing, unique effect! Learn More
  15. Pro Hero Triple Break - Winda

    This 12 pack of mortars all have 3 amazing breaks once they explode! Learn More
  16. Queen Artillery - Hog Wild

    You get 6 hard hitting shells that are great for any backyard! Learn More
  17. Salute Over America - Winda

    Each pack comes with 20 of the hardest hitting shells on the market! These mortars live up to their name! Learn More
  18. Shooter - Cutting Edge

    These canister shells from Cutting Edge are some of the biggest on the market! Each pack contains 18 shells. Learn More
  19. Snub Nose Artillery Shells - Dominator

    This one inch mini artillery still packs a punch! 6 per pack. Learn More
  20. Super Magnum Artillery - World Class

    Each of these 12 shells rise over 150 feet and have huge breaks! Learn More
  21. Super Nova - Bright Star

    You aren't gonna find much harder hitting shells than Super Novas! They come 24 per pack so get ready to light up the sky! Learn More
  22. The Judge Artillery - Hog Wild

    You won't find harder hitting shells than The Judge! 24 cylinder shells per pack. Learn More
  23. Top Shelf Double Break Shell Kit - Dominator

    12 Double Break Shells with twice the power of our best -selling top shelf artillery shells. 24 total breaks. Learn More
  24. Venom - Hog Wild

    12 venemous bites of 60 gram canister artillery shells that will leave you looking for a doctor. Learn More
  25. X Force Double Break - Winda

    You get 16 of Winda's best double break shells! Great for any show! Learn More

25 Item(s)