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  1. Falling Angel - Winda

    Just like it's name, these shots fall to the ground with beautiful blue stars, silver fishes, and a blue mine ending! Learn More
  2. 13 Shot Brocade Chrysanthemum with Gold Tail Cake - Dominator 1.4 Pro

    This 13 shot cake has amazing Brocade Chrysanthemum effects that will fill the sky. Case Price (10 Units) = $81.00 Learn More
  3. Man of War - Cutting Edge

    This 30 shot cake shoots amazing parachutes with flags. Unique and great for any backyard display! Learn More
  4. Melt Down - Cutting Edge

    This 500 Gram Fan Cake spreads all over the sky with powerful, colorful shots. Finale by itself! Learn More

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