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  1. Color Changing Smoke Yellow to Purple - Winda

    These huge smoke bombs last 1:30 minutes and have an amazing yellow to purple smoke effect! Learn More
  2. Pyro Candy - Winda

    Pyro Candy from Winda is a 9 Shot Rack with huge 3" Brocade Crown breaks. Fills the Sky! Learn More
  3. Money Bags - World Class

    It doesn't get much better than this 9 shotter from World Class. These 2" shots are some of the biggest you will see from a 500 gram cake! Learn More
  4. The Hammer - Mad Ox

    You get 8 shell and mine combo mortars that will wow the whole crowd! Huge Report! Learn More
  5. Nut Buster - Red Rhino

    Get cracking with the 10 shot, 500 gram cames with blue and red peonies with white glitter. Learn More
  6. Staff of Ra Candle - Red Rhino

    Large 10 shot candle that fires gold brocade comet balls with flittering trailing tails. Learn More
  7. Kids Fun Assortment - Winda

    This assortment is great for all ages! Learn More
  8. Happy Panda - Winda

    Watch as this Panda Smiles with tons of sparks, color and noise. One of the most unique fountains on the market will make the whole crowd happy! Learn More
  9. 25 Shot Crackle Mines to Comets to Shells - Dominator 1.4 Pro

    25 amazing shots of crackling mines, comets, and shells! Learn More
  10. Angry Pandas - Winda

    This 14 shot 500 Gram Cake from Winda combines, green peonies, palm tress, and gold and green strobes. It shoots in V and W angles with a grand crackling willow finale. Unique! Learn More