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  1. Halfway to Heaven - Winda

    This 16 shot rack has a cool missile look which huge breaks! Learn More
  2. Safety Fuse - 15 Seconds a Foot

    You get a 20 foot roll of safety fuse that burns 15 seconds a foot. Learn More
  3. Rock the Boat - Winda

    Rock the Boat has a great variety of fountains and aerials, great buy! Learn More
  4. 44 Magnum - Shogun

    44 Magnum Shells are some of the biggest on the market! You 12 per pack. Learn More
  5. M 5000 Salute Crackers - World Class

    M-5000 Salute Crackers are some of the strongest crackers on the market. You get 36 per pack and they all go boom! Learn More
  6. #3000 Aerial Tube - Red Waves with Silver Tail Bursts

    This single shot #3000 tube starts with a silver tail that bursts into a red wave. Learn More
  7. Mammoth Strobe Mini - Dominator

    Crowd favorite, Mammoth Strobe, now has a little brother! This packs the same kind of punch, with a sky full of the brightest white strobes on the market! Learn More
  8. Little Monsters - Winda

    Don't let the size of these fountains fool you, they pack a punch! 4 per pack. Learn More
  9. Its A Girl - Dominator

    Trying to spice up your Gender Reveal Party?!? Go with a It's a Girl Cake! You will get 12 shots that combine beautiful pink breaks and mines. It will wow the crowd for the big announcement! Learn More
  10. Comets 35mm Various Colors - Dominator 1.4 Pro

    These 35mm Comets are great for any show! They are available in split cases and come in the following colors... 1) Blue 2) Blue with Strobe Willow 3) Charcoal 4) Crackle 5) Green 6) Green with Strobe Willow 7) Orange 8) Orange with Strobe Willow 9) Purple 10) Red 11) Silver 12) Silver 13) Yellow 14) Yellow with Strobe Willow Learn More