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  1. Chaos World - Winda

    Chaos World is a 200 gram fountain from Winda that is over a minute long with tons of crackle, color, and noise. Learn More
  2. Dark Matter - Mad Ox

    This item shoots in a wide fan pattern to fill the sky with huge bursts of color and loud crackle. Impressive tails raise to large glittering bursts and the item ends in a sky filling finale! Learn More
  3. Act of Vengeance - Cutting Edge

    Act of Vengeance is a 500 gram cake from Cutting Edge that packs 9 huge shots at a great price! Learn More
  4. Safety Fuse - 24 Seconds to 27 Seconds a Foot

    You get a 20 foot roll of safety fuse that burns 24 seconds - 27 seconds a foot. Learn More
  5. 25 Shot Crackling Finale Cake - Dominator 1.4 Pro

    This finale box is fast and hard hitting with 25 crackling shots with amazing breaks! Learn More
  6. Bigger than Yours - Dominator

    This 18 shot, 500 gram cake has huge breaks with tons of noise. Great finale piece! Learn More
  7. Mega Smoke White - Dominator

    Assorted colors in a large tube for maximum smoke production and duration. 6 per pack. Learn More
  8. Alien Fountain - World Class

    Watch as this alien shaped fountain combines tons of color and sound as the face glows in the dark. This fountain is out of this world! Learn More
  9. Inked - World Class Fireworks

    This 9 shot monster will leave the whole crowd in awe! Learn More
  10. Color Changing Smoke Pink to Blue - Winda

    These huge smoke bombs last 1:30 minutes and have an amazing pink to blue smoke effect! Learn More