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  1. 25 Shot Color Falling Leaves Waterfall - Dominator 1.4 Pro

    You'll be amazed by these 25 shots of an amazing falling leaves effect! Learn More
  2. Saturn Missile Battery 100 Shot - Dominator

    100 successive whistling shrilling missiles fly skyward then explode with reports. Can be heard from miles away. Learn More
  3. Safety Fuse - 15 Seconds a Foot

    You get a 20 foot roll of safety fuse that burns 15 seconds a foot. Learn More
  4. Spy Game - Winda

    Spy Game is one of Winda's most popular Roman Candles. You get 4, 10 Ball Candles that fire off with a great pop and ends with scattering report. Learn More
  5. 15 Shot Slice Cake Various Effects - Dominator 1.4 Pro

    These 15 Shot Slice Cakes are great for any show! They are available in split cases and come in the following colors... 1) Red Strobe 2) Variegated Mine Learn More
  6. Special - Cutting Edge

    Don't let the size fool you this 10 shot, 200 gram cake will fill the sky! Learn More
  7. Strobe Flash Pots - Dominator

    You get 6 of these bright, colorful flashing lights that are sure to amaze! Don't let the size fool you! Learn More
  8. Boys of Summer - Cutting Edge

    Boys of Summer is a 25 shot, 500 gram cake from Cutting Edge that fans all across the sky! Learn More
  9. Extreme Machine - World Class

    An extreme 36 shot, 500 gram cake that has 6 alternating shots that feature whistling tails and crackling flowers. Learn More
  10. Bikers - Bright Star

    These bikers will entertain the whole crowd with their unique look and effects! 9 per pack, Learn More