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  1. 13 Shot Brocade Chrysanthemum with Gold Tail Cake - Dominator 1.4 Pro

    This 13 shot cake has amazing Brocade Chrysanthemum effects that will fill the sky. Learn More
  2. Captain Pyro - Cutting Edge

    This 30 shot fan cake from Cutting Edge fills the whole sky with tons of color and power! Learn More
  3. Talon Igniters - Consumer Electric Match

    These 1 meter long Talon Igniters are great for any electronically fired show! You simply clip on the electric match to the fuse and sync with your system. Shoot like the pros! Learn More
  4. 42 Shot Brocade and Pink Strobe Cake - Dominator 1.4 Pro

    This fast paced mine cake combines brocade andpink strobes for a great effect! Learn More
  5. Too Much 4 You - World Class

    This 30 shot cake from World Class has sets of 5 breaks with beautiful mines breaking below for an amazing finale piece! Learn More
  6. Mega Smoke White - Dominator

    Assorted colors in a large tube for maximum smoke production and duration. 6 per pack. Learn More
  7. Slam Dunk - Mad Ox

    This 12 shot, 500 gram cake from Mad Ox is one of the biggest! The giant shots start as glittering mines and burst into red, green, and purple peonies that are strobing shells. Learn More
  8. Gender Reveal Boy Nighttime Assortment - Dominator

    This Boy/Blue assortment is great for a nighttime Gender Reveal Party! You get 2, 12 shot cakes that shoot beautiful blue peony flowers along with 18 boy confetti cannons. The party won't know until you light the fuse on the cake or they twist the confetti cannon! Wow your party! Learn More
  9. Mammoth Day Parachutes - Dominator

    Dominator's version of this 4 pack parachute classic! Fun for all ages! Learn More
  10. Venom - Hog Wild

    12 venemous bites of 60 gram canister artillery shells that will leave you looking for a doctor. Learn More