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  1. Pro Strobes - Dominator

    Pro Strobes are some of the brightest and amazing on the market! You get 5 per pack. Learn More
  2. Fourth of July Skydive - Bright Star

    This 12 shot parachute cake shoots floating parachutes with colorful smoke tails. Unique! Learn More
  3. Twin Freaks - World Class

    These little guys are some of the fastest spinners you will find. Don't let their size fool you! Learn More
  4. Orange Peony Fan Display W 12s - Full Blown Fireworks

    This professional level cake has 12 massive Orange Peony shots! One of the amazing Full Blown Fireworks Cakes! Learn More
  5. Mega Smoke Hot Pink - Dominator

    Bright Pink Smoke in a large tube for maximum smoke production and duration. 6 per pack. Learn More
  6. 25 Shot Crackling Finale Cake - Dominator 1.4 Pro

    This finale box is fast and hard hitting with 25 crackling shots with amazing breaks! Learn More
  7. Power Zone - Cutting Edge

    this15 shot, 200 gram fan cake combines multi-colored strobes, brocade crowns, and sea-blue chrysanthemums. Great cake! Learn More
  8. Happy Lamp - Dominator

    Happy Lamp is a crowd favorite that spins with gold sparks and opens into a Chinese Lantern. It will bring you luck! 12 per pack. Learn More
  9. Cutting Edge Firecracker Brick - Cutting Edge

    A full brick of our Cutting Edge Firecrackers. You get 80 packs of 16 firecrackers. Learn More
  10. Honey Badger - World Class

    The honey badger never cares and either does this powerful 200 gram cake! Don't let the size fool you! Learn More