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  1. Texas Giant Crackling Balls - Texas Outlaw

    These crackling balls are tons of fun! 3 per pack. Learn More
  2. Strobe Flash Pots - Dominator

    You get 6 of these bright, colorful flashing lights that are sure to amaze! Don't let the size fool you! Learn More
  3. Fountain - Gold Flitter - 76 Proline

    This 30 second fountain has an amazing gold flitter effect! Learn More
  4. Ruby Sky - Dominator

    This 20 shot cake features all bright red mag comets with long silver tails. Learn More
  5. Color Changing Smoke Yellow to Purple - Winda

    These huge smoke bombs last 1:30 minutes and have an amazing yellow to purple smoke effect! Learn More
  6. United We Stand - Cutting Edge

    This 30 shot, 500 gram cake has some of the best Dahlia breaks on the market! Learn More
  7. Crackling Balls - Dominator

    They are exactly what they're called, Crackling Balls! Great price and effect for the size! 6 per pack. Learn More
  8. Melt Down - Dominator

    This amazing new 500 gram cake from Dominator will leave you in awe!W Learn More
  9. 5" Fiberglass Mortar Tube

    This 5" Fiberglass Mortar Tube is great to fire shells out of and to use to make your own racks! Learn More
  10. Clocked Out - Red Rhino

    This 33 shot has all the color and power a 500 gram cake can handle! Learn More