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  1. Big Power - Cutting Edge

    This 30 shot, 500 gram cake from Cutting Edge has tons of pop and color! Learn More
  2. Color Smoke Balls - Dominator

    The name says it all! Watch the smoke roll as you light the these different colored balls. Each pack contains 6 different colored balls! Learn More
  3. Nuke Active - Cutting Edge

    This 9 shot, 500 gram cake has varying effects that all break into giant 2" breaks! Amazing! Learn More
  4. Frog - Boomer

    This pyro classic hops around and sends tons of sparks! Learn More
  5. Dominators Revenge

    A great variety of Fountains, Repeaters, and Much More! Learn More
  6. Grim Reaper Canister Shells - Dominator

    This kit contains 12, 60 gram Canister Shells that will amaze all audiences. Some of the biggest mortars on the market! Learn More
  7. Comet Blast - Dominator

    The name says it all! This 7 shot cake from Dominator is all Comets! Learn More
  8. Whistling Moon Travelers with Report - Boomer Brand

    Boomer version of the classic bottle rocket. 144 per pack. Learn More
  9. Christmas in July - Dominator

    This 500 gram fountain will make you want to celebrate like it’s Christmas. Red, green, silver, and gold are featured with exciting crackle to add sound effects! This is not your average fountain with over 2 minutes of fun! Learn More
  10. #3 Air Color Bombs Red Peony - Dominator

    This Red Peony Tube is a heavy hitter so don't let the size fool you, they pack a punch! Learn More