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  1. Strip of 100 Firecrackers - World Class

    100 count- strip of high quality World Class firecrackers. Learn More
  2. Rags to Riches - Winda

    Rags to riches has three layers of mines and amazing breaks with blue, brocade crown, gold, green and gold coloring. Triple the pleasure! Learn More
  3. Pumpkin Fountain - Winda

    This unique fountain has tons of silver showers, whistles, red pearls, and an exploding flower finish. One of the coolest on the market! Learn More
  4. Snow Cone - Winda Fireworks

    This unique fountain is a minute and a half of flowering, pearl effects that is tons of fun! Learn More
  5. Big Air Assortment - Dominator

    This large rocket assortment gives you some of everything. You get medium and large payload rockets, large cylinder rockets and rockets. Lots of action! 13 total rockets! Learn More
  6. Z-12 Missiles - Hog Wild

    4 pack of high flying missiles that end in a varied effect burst. Learn More
  7. 96 Shot Mini Pearl Zipper Cake - Dominator 1.4 Pro

    This fast paced zipper cake packs a great punch for it's size! Learn More
  8. Cowboy Up - Texas Outlaw

    This 16 shot cake packs a huge punch! Learn More
  9. Circus Peanuts - Boomer

    It doesn't get much more fun than this one! This elephant drops his "peanuts" in the form of a long snake with tons of crackle! Kids will love it! Learn More
  10. Haunted Fish - Dominator

    This 38 shot classic is one of a kind! It combines silver spinning whirlwinds with amazing fish effects. It's like an ocean in the sky! Learn More