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  1. Jet Screamer - World Class

    This 7 pack of high flying rockets soar through the sky with a big report! Learn More
  2. Jitter Bugs 400 Shot - Dominator

    This strip of 400 is like firecrackers with spinners! A modern take on the Jumping Jack! Amazing! Learn More
  3. Neon Crash - Dominator

    This 500 fountain is a crash of colors and noise. You will see blue, purple, orange, green and red. This fountain features whistles, crackle and other loud sound effects. One of the biggest fountains on the market! Learn More
  4. Made in the USA - World Class

    This is one of the nicest, longest fountains coming in at 2 minutes long! Learn More
  5. Snafu - Dominator

    Don't let the size fool you on this 9 shot cake from Dominator, it packs a punch! Learn More
  6. Yin Yang - Winda

    Yin Yang is a 9 shot, 500 gram cake that combines some of the most unique effects on the market! Learn More
  7. Savage Missiles - World Class

    This 4 pack of missiles pack tons of red and green with crackle. High Flyers! Learn More
  8. Jumping Skier - Winda

    This 16 shot, 500 gram cake from Winda combines golden willows with crackle and time rain chrysanthemums with tons of power! Learn More
  9. 40 Shot Glitter Zipper Fan Cake - Dominator 1.4 Pro

    This 40 shot cake has am amazing zipper effect that is really hard to find on the close proximity market! Learn More
  10. Poopy Puppy - Texas Outlaw

    Individual puppy's that are sure to bring a laugh or two with their "poop" snake effect. Learn More