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  1. Happy Lamp - Dominator

    Happy Lamp is a crowd favorite that spins with gold sparks and opens into a Chinese Lantern. It will bring you luck! 12 per pack. Learn More
  2. 25 Shot Mine to Peony Cake - Dominator 1.4 Pro

    This finale box is fast and hard hitting with 25 blue peony shots with amazing breaks! Learn More
  3. Sucker Punch - Cutting Edge

    This 500 gram cake is a 9 shot monster with tons of pop! Learn More
  4. Neon Crash - Dominator

    This 500 fountain is a crash of colors and noise. You will see blue, purple, orange, green and red. This fountain features whistles, crackle and other loud sound effects. One of the biggest fountains on the market! Learn More
  5. Mammoth Day Parachutes - Dominator

    Dominator's version of this 4 pack parachute classic! Fun for all ages! Learn More
  6. Pyro Heaven - Winda

    This 30 shot fan cake from Winda is one of the most colorful on the market. It has tons of red, green, and white glittler with an amazing willow to time rain finale. Great finale piece! Learn More
  7. Hole in the Wall - Cutting Edge

    This 500 gram cake has 36 shots with all the crackle, report, and whistle you can handle! Learn More
  8. Sky Lantern In Memory - Dominator

    These "In Memory Of" Chinese Sky Lanterns fly as far as the eye can see! Easy to light and environmentally safe! One of the most popular items on the market! Learn More
  9. Magnum Mini Artillery Shells - Boomer

    Don't let the size full you on these mini shells! You get 6 powerful mortars that are an amazing value! Learn More
  10. Team Sniper - World Class

    This assortment is a great mix of 200 gram cakes and reloadable shells! Learn More