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  1. 13 Shot Slice Cakes Various Effects - Dominator 1.4 Pro

    These 13 shot slice cakes shoot all at once and come in 9 types... 1) Pink Crossette with White Strobe MInes 2) Brocade comets with Green Strobe Mines 3) Silver Tiger Comets with Red Strobe Mines 4) Gold Tiger Tail with Green Strobe Mines 5) Gold Glitter Tail with Blue Mines 6) White Strobe Mines 7) Brocade & Red Star Mines to White Strobe Willow 8) Silver Crackling Crossettes 9) Red Star Mines with Whirlwinds. 10) Red, White, and Blue 11) All Crackle Crossettes Mix cases available! Learn More
  2. Rainbow - Winda

    This 30 shot, 500 gram fan cake combines beautiful rainbow mines and peony effects! Learn More
  3. Smoke Grenades - Dominator

    A crowd favorite with tons of smoke! Learn More
  4. Ruby Sky - Dominator

    This 20 shot cake features all bright red mag comets with long silver tails. Learn More
  5. Snakes

    A pyro classic! 6 Per Pack Learn More
  6. Mad Cow - Mad Ox

    This mini 9 on a board is an amazing value and really unique 200 gram cake! Learn More
  7. Kids Backpack - Dominator

    This assortment is great for all ages! It's a great variety of smoke, crackle and fountain items. Plus, children can keep the backpack when your done! Learn More
  8. Sunflower - Boomer

    These classic spinning, flying sunflowers spark and shoot straight into the air! 6 Per Pack. Learn More
  9. Rip the Sky - Dominator

    This cake features mega-burst technology to give you the biggest, hardest breaking shells available. The powerful lift charge sends 12 large 2-Inch shells flying more than 100 feet into the air with colorful bursts. Learn More
  10. Triple Whistler Bottle Rockets - Cutting Edge

    Cutting Edge's version of the classic triple whistling bottle rocket. 144 per pack. Learn More