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  1. Molten Madness - Dominator

    This unique fountain features molten globs of flying color. Sure be an attention getter! Learn More
  2. #3 Air Color Bombs Red Peony - Dominator

    This Red Peony Tube is a heavy hitter so don't let the size fool you, they pack a punch! Learn More
  3. American Muscle Car - Dominator

    Part of the Dominator "American" Series. This 25 shot beauty is one of the best 500 gram fan cakes out there! It mixes gold comets, blue mines, and tons of hard breaking shells. Awesome! Learn More
  4. Little Monsters - Winda

    Don't let the size of these fountains fool you, they pack a punch! 4 per pack. Learn More
  5. 42 Shot Brocade and Blue Mine Cake - Dominator 1.4 Pro

    This fast paced mine cake combines brocade and blue for a great effect! Learn More
  6. High Voltage - Cutting Edge

    This 25 shot, 500 gram cake has tons of powerful report with colorful mines Learn More
  7. Pro Punk - Dominator

    You get 4 punks that are used to light your fireworks. 5 minutes each! Learn More
  8. King - Cutting Edge

    This fan cake is 30 shots of 500 gram power that spreads all over the sky! Learn More
  9. 14" Morning Glory Sparklers - Cutting Edge

    You get 72 of these color changing sparklers. A pyro classic! Learn More
  10. Shocking Pink - Dominator Fireworks

    Shocking Pink is one of the only all pink cakes on the market. Great for gender reveals! Learn More