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  1. Super Stunt - Winda

    This 12 shot 500 gram cake from Winda shoots huge 2" shells that produce gold, green, red and silver waves. Unreal! Learn More
  2. Iron Gorilla - Dominator

    This 36 shot, 500 grammer from Dominator has tons of power, color, and speed! Learn More
  3. Kingslayer Artillery Shells - Dominator

    Kingslayer artillery shells are the new standard for canister shells! You get 18 of the hardest hitting, most colorful mortars on the market! Learn More
  4. Very Evil - World Class

    This 25 shot fan cake combines beautiful mines with huge breaking shells to make an amazing finale piece! Learn More
  5. Mega Mini - Dominator

    This one really is one of a kind! It’s a 96 shot z-cake that shoots fast and furious! You’ll be amazed at the punch it packs for it’s size! Learn More