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  1. Happy - Mad Ox

    Don't let the size fool you, this little guy packs a punch! A pyro classic! Learn More
  2. Hot Lips - Dominator

    This 500 gram fountain is sure to please! Amazing combination of purple, red, green, gold and silver with plenty of noise and crackle! Learn More
  3. Sublime - Bright Star

    This 30 shot, 500 gram cake packs a great, colorful punch at a great price! Learn More
  4. Silent Power - Winda Fireworks

    This 15 shot, 200 gram cake is silent but beautiful with it's horse tail breaks! Learn More
  5. Safety Fuse - .5 Seconds to 1.6 Seconds a Foot

    You get a 20 foot roll of safety fuse that burns .5 seconds - 1.6 seconds a foot. Learn More
  6. Jitter Bugs 1000 Shot - Dominator

    This strip of 1000 is like firecrackers with spinners! A modern take on the Jumping Jack! Amazing! Learn More
  7. Tanks - Winda

    Simply light it and watch as this little tank sparks and pops as it moves. It’s wheels make it so it can move while it is setting of its effects. 12 per pack. A Classic! Learn More
  8. Mercurial Bee - Winda

    A true hobbyist piece with whirling, whistling madness! 16 shots per cake! Learn More
  9. Comets 35mm Various Colors - Dominator 1.4 Pro

    These 35mm Comets are great for any show! They are available in split cases and come in the following colors... 1) Blue 2) Blue with Strobe Willow 3) Charcoal 4) Crackle 5) Green 6) Green with Strobe Willow 7) Orange 8) Orange with Strobe Willow 9) Purple 10) Red 11) Silver 12) Silver 13) Yellow 14) Yellow with Strobe Willow Learn More
  10. Patriotism - Cutting Edge

    This 16 shot, 500 gram cake from Cutting Edge has tons of multi-colored strobes with huge report! Learn More