Heavyweight Tier

Heavyweight Tier Specifics

  • Eligible for 45% off site pricing.
  • Must spend $20,000 annually.
  • Tier resets each calendar year but is valid through December 31, 2023.
  • Become immediately eligible with a 50% deposit ($10,000 minimum deposit) through January 31st.
  • You can put down as large of a 50% deposit as you wish and then receive the other 50% in credit until you ship.
  • Once our January 31st deadline has been reached, you will have to hit the full $20,000 spend in order to start receiving the 45% off for the remainder of the year.

Here Is How Deposit Ordering Works

  • Once your deposit is received, your total order amount will be credited towards your online account and you can purchase as we receive new product.
  • For example, if you put down a 50%/$15,000 deposit for a $30,000 order, we will put a credit on your online account for $30,000 which would show as long as you are logged in on the website.
  • Every time you choose product online, your cart dollar total will come off your total credit on your account.
  • In order to get your order shipped when your $30,000 has been used on your online account, we would need the other 50%/$15,000 from the original order.
  • Once you have used up your credit on your online account, all orders you want to add additionally will have to be paid in full.

Benefits Of Ordering This Way

  • Do not get stuck with only product that is available now.
  • Do not get stuck with pre-ordered items that might never make it here from China and will be subbed later.
  • Keep flexibility in terms of options as the season progresses.
  • This pricing can be used anytime during the 2023 calendar year.


Other Specifics

  • The balance of your original order must be paid before shipment.
  • Tier not eligible for any other sales or promotions, unless specified in sale.
  • Tier must be discussed directly with your sales rep.
  • String ordering and shipping deadline May 20th.
  • This is for single customers only, group buys and clubs are not eligible.