500 Gram Cakes - Powerful Multi-Shot Repeater

American Wholesale Fireworks 500 Gram Cakes are the most powerful multi-shot repeaters on the market. 500 grams is the maximum amount of pyrotechnic powder allowed in a multi-shot repeater. When you light one of these it is like having a 10 to 120 second display in a box with anywhere from 5 to 500 shots. Each cake is like its own show and has tons of variety in terms of colors, effects, and sounds. These cakes are perfect for July 4th celebrations, birthday parties, gender reveals, and any other get together regardless of how big or small. These come in two styles, straight up and down, which are great for smaller areas, and fan shaped, which shoot in the air with an angle and are great for bigger shoot sites. Typically, the cakes with fewer shots (3 – 15) will have much bigger breaks because more of the powder is concentrated on the limited amount of shots. Cakes with more shots (15 – 400) will have smaller breaks but typically shoot at a quicker pace. For people that have larger budgets, likes aerial shows and/or louder noises, buying a variety of 500 gram cakes in combination with 200 gram cakes, firecrackers, mortars, reloadable shell kits, rockets, and other aerial devices is the best route to put on a huge backyard display.