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500 Gram Cakes


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  1. #500 Tube Cake - Assorted Effects

    Photos or video don't do these cakes justice, and the performance is fantastic as well. 9 Shots and two effects - Huge Brocade Breaks, and Long Duration Green Strobe. Hard to beat combination! Learn More
  2. 192 Proof - Dominator

    This long lasting cake does it all, filling the sky with sweeping color, crackle, and reports. Then fan volleys of huge, loud breaking shells filling the sky with glittering spiders. This amazing cake repeats this fabulous sequence. Learn More
  3. 4th of July Madness - Winda

    Brilliant full view crackling comets equipped with colorful strobe mines. Finale with brocade crown to crackling flower. Learn More
  4. 50mm Lesson - Dominator

    Great Price for a Great Cake! Packs tons of color, noise, and report! Learn More
  5. Addicted to Loud - Winda

    This huge 9 on a board from Winda fills the whole sky! Each shot has brocade crowns with multi-color falling leaves!. Learn More
  6. Adrenaline Rush - Dominator

    This 30 shot fan cake from Dominator combines sizzling strobes and loud crackle to fill the sky with color and noise. It will give the crown an Adrenaline Rush! Learn More
  7. All Night Long - Cutting Edge

    This 16 shot, 500 gram cake has huge breaks and multiple effects! Will wow the crowd! Learn More
  8. Amazing Ballet Mini - Winda

    The mini version of the Winda Classic! Learn More
  9. Amazing Ballett - Winda

    This 220 Shot Z-Cake from Winda is one of the most unique on the market. It packs tons of Red, White, and Blue with chrysanthemums. A Winda Classic! Learn More
  10. American Muscle Car - Dominator

    Part of the Dominator "American" Series. This 25 shot beauty is one of the best 500 gram fan cakes out there! It mixes gold comets, blue mines, and tons of hard breaking shells. Awesome! Learn More
  11. American Steel - Dominator

    Part of the Dominator "American" Series. This 25 shot beauty is one of the best 500 gram fan cakes out there! Mixes silver serpents, blue mines, and red and white strobe shells. Awesome! Learn More
  12. Angry Pandas - Winda

    This 14 shot 500 Gram Cake from Winda combines, green peonies, palm tress, and gold and green strobes. It shoots in V and W angles with a grand crackling willow finale. Unique! Learn More
  13. Bigger than Yours - Dominator

    This 18 shot, 500 gram cake has huge breaks with tons of noise. Great finale piece! Learn More
  14. Bold Statement - Cutting Edge

    This 46 shot cake has tons of fast paced action that is great for any backyard display! Learn More
  15. Boom Box - Dominator

    This 24 shot fan cake from Dominator packs a ton of punch that spreads all over the sky! It goes up in sets of three with a set of mines underneath! Great new product! Learn More
  16. Boom Shacka Lacka - Bright Star

    This 9 shot 500 grammer is a great value with tons of pop and crackle! Learn More
  17. Boss - World Class

    Take charge of your celebration with the Boss! Brocades tipped in red and green and chrysanthemum effects in blue and silver charge into the night sky, giving your audience an extravaganza they will remember. Learn More
  18. Braggin Rights - Dominator

    This heavy banger has 9 of Dominator's 2" "Mega Burst" Shells! Same great performance as their 3" shells, but in a tighter package. Learn More
  19. Breaking News - Dominator

    This 49 shot, crossette cake, is one of Dominator's most popular cakes! It's long lasting and lights up the whole sky! Case Pricing (2 Units) = $70.25 Learn More
  20. Captain Jackson - Winda

    This 9 shot is one of the biggest 500 gram cakes on the market! Learn More
  21. Captain Pyro - Cutting Edge

    This 30 shot fan cake from Cutting Edge fills the whole sky with tons of color and power! Learn More
  22. CE DC - Cutting Edge

    You get 30 shots of fan cake fun with one of Cutting Edge's best cakes! Learn More
  23. Chasing Booty - World Class

    This 24 shot cake is fast paced and hard hitting with beautiful mine-shell combo effects! Learn More
  24. Colossal Pride - Cutting Edge

    This 30 shot, 500 gram cake has brocade crown breaks with beautiful red and blue coloring! . Learn More
  25. Confetti Cake - Winda

    This 30 shot day cake is one of the most unique on the market! Each shot fires amazing confetti that is great for any celebration! Learn More
  26. Crazy Lemon - Winda

    This 9 on a board has massive yellow strobe breaks that light up the whole sky! Learn More
  27. Crossette Crush - Dominator

    This cake has 27 crackling crossette shots that fan all across the sky. Crowd Favorite! Learn More
  28. Customary Enforcer - Cutting Edge

    This 75 shot, 500 gram fan cake is one of the most unique on the market! Learn More
  29. Death Spiral - Mad Ox

    This 9 shot, 500 gram cake has golden bowties inside red, green, and blue colorful rings. Amazing! Learn More
  30. Detonator - Dominator

    This cake features mega-burst technology to give you the biggest, hardest breaking shells available. The powerful lift charge sends 12 large 2-inch shells flying more than 100 feet into the air with bright silver comets and huge shell breaks. Learn More
  31. Double Barrel - Mad Ox

    This nine on a board, 500 gram cake has amazing double break shells that explode with huge bursts! Learn More
  32. Double Whammy - Bright Star

    This 9 shot, 500 gram cake has huge double break shots that fill the sky! Learn More
  33. Dragon - World Class

    If you are looking for red then this huge 500 gram cake is the one for you! Learn More
  34. Evil Clown 500 Gram - World Class

    Evil Clown is a great value with 9 massive strobing shots with various colors and effects! Learn More
  35. Fighting Rooster - World Class

    This 30 shot, 500 gram cake is a World Class Classic! It starts with 25 shots of blue mines that break into beautiful Red Dahlias and concludes with a hard hitting, 5 shot finale. A must have! Learn More
  36. First Strike - Dominator Fireworks

    This 500 gram cake gives you 7 huge White Strobe shots with multiple colors! Amazing Value! Learn More
  37. Full Contact - Dominator

    This 7 shot cake is a great value and packs tons of punch! Learn More
  38. Funky World - Cutting Edge

    This one lives up to it's name with 40 shots of funky effects! Learn More
  39. Ghost Shell - Winda

    This massive cake has 9 shots that each change color mid-break! One of the most unique 9 on a boards on the market! Learn More
  40. Giant Willows with Color Tips - Dominator

    This 9 shot cake is a great finale piece with an affordable price! Learn More
  41. Gold Storm - Dominator

    This 42 shot zipper mine cake has a classic effect of sweeping gold glitter mines to a loud crackle finale. Learn More
  42. Happy Go Lucky - Winda

    This 9 shot monster shoots a beautiful smiley face into the air with each break! Learn More
  43. Hardcore Rock - Bright Star

    This 9 shot, 500 gram cake is an amazing value for it's huge breaks! Learn More
  44. Haunted Fish - Dominator

    This 38 shot classic is one of a kind! It combines silver spinning whirlwinds with amazing fish effects. It's like an ocean in the sky! Learn More
  45. Hearts of Fire - Winda

    This is one of the most unique cakes on the market with 19 amazing shots! Learn More
  46. High Voltage - Winda

    This 35 shot fan cake shoots in sets of three with amazing colors and effects! Learn More
  47. Hole in the Wall - Cutting Edge

    This 500 gram cake has 36 shots with all the crackle, report, and whistle you can handle! Learn More
  48. Honey Badger - World Class

    The honey badger never cares and either does this powerful 200 gram cake! Don't let the size fool you! Learn More
  49. Hot Damn - Winda

    It doesn't get much bigger that this 5 shot, 4" rack! It has huge colorful wave with loud crackle pistils and a final shot with double changing peonies and time rain chrysanthemum! Learn More
  50. Ion Storm - Dominator

    This 25 shot, 500 gram cake has green, purple, and orange bursts with an amazing crackling finale! Learn More

Items 1 to 50 of 251 total

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