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  1. Ice Fountain 4 Pack - Bright Star

    This 4 pack of Ice Fountains are great for Birthday Cakes, Bottles, and much more! 40 seconds each! Learn More
  2. Violet and Crimson Fountains - Cutting Edge

    You get 6 green, red, and white glitter fountains that pack a great punch for their size! Learn More
  3. Alien Fountain - World Class

    Watch as this alien shaped fountain combines tons of color and sound as the face glows in the dark. This fountain is out of this world! Learn More
  4. Dirty Dog - Dominator

    This one of a kind effect is like watching your dog do it's business in the backyard! Learn More
  5. Snow Cone - Winda Fireworks

    This unique fountain is a minute and a half of flowering, pearl effects that is tons of fun! Learn More
  6. Sky Lantern Pumpkin - Dominator

    These Chinese Sky Lanterns fly as far as the eye can see! Easy to light and environmentally safe! One of the most popular items on the market! Learn More
  7. Twin Freaks - World Class

    These little guys are some of the fastest spinners you will find. Don't let their size fool you! Learn More
  8. Fruit Punch Assortment - Mad Ox

    The Fruit Punch Assortment from Mad Ox Fireworks comes with 4 amazing and colorful cakes. You get Banana Blast, Blueberry Blast, Grape Glitz, and Tangerine Dream! Learn More
  9. Theatrical Thunder - Dominator

    These 10 huge shots have a bright comet with various amazing effects! Learn More
  10. Martins Bomber - Cutting Edge

    This 200 gram cake has 16 hard hitting breaks that combines amazing effects! Learn More
  11. Loud Cloud - Dominator

    This 16 shot cake has plenty of whistling crackle with flower breaks! One of Dominator's best! Learn More
  12. Backyard Perfection - Dominator

    This little guy packs 19 huge shots! Great Buy! Learn More
  13. Mad Cow - Mad Ox

    This mini 9 on a board is an amazing value and really unique 200 gram cake! Learn More
  14. Mega Mini - Dominator

    This one really is one of a kind! It’s a 96 shot z-cake that shoots fast and furious! You’ll be amazed at the punch it packs for it’s size! Learn More
  15. Saturn Missile Battery 25 Shot - Mad Ox

    Saturn Missiles are a pyro classic and this 25 shot cake is no different! Learn More
  16. Its A Girl - Dominator

    Trying to spice up your Gender Reveal Party?!? Go with a It's a Girl Cake! You will get 12 shots that combine beautiful pink breaks and mines. It will wow the crowd for the big announcement! Learn More
  17. Happy - Mad Ox

    Don't let the size fool you, this little guy packs a punch! A pyro classic! Learn More
  18. Pitbull - Keystone

    Eight big shots of red and silver willows with glittering tails. Learn More
  19. Great Expectations - Winda

    This 9 shot, 200 gram cake from Winda packs plenty of punch. It mixes red, green, and blue palms with crackling tails. Learn More
  20. Neon World - Sky Bacon

    Light up your world 18 shots of red, green, blue, and yellow stars accompanied by silver, gold, and green glitter. Great 200 grammer! Learn More
  21. Avalanche - Winda

    This 16 shot from Winda fills the whole sky with tons of power and color! Learn More
  22. Xtra Fish - World Class

    Xtra Fish is a 9 shot, 200 gram cake with an amazing flying fish effect! Learn More
  23. Deadly Ground - Cutting Edge

    This 10 shot, 200 gram cake has tons of orange, white and crackle for a great! Learn More
  24. Saturn Missile Battery 100 Shot - Dominator

    100 successive whistling shrilling missiles fly skyward then explode with reports. Can be heard from miles away. Learn More
  25. Ridin Dirty - Cutting Edge

    This 200 gram cake has 25 shots of brocade crowns to various colors. Great value! Learn More
  26. Deadly Wings - Cutting Edge

    This 12 shot, 200 gram cake combines gold, green, and red breaks that all end in a crackle. Great 3 shot finale! Learn More
  27. Catapult - Dominator

    Don't let the size fool you on this 16 shot, 200 gram cake! It has powerful, colorful shots that will fill up the sky! Learn More
  28. Cowboy Up - Texas Outlaw

    This 16 shot cake packs a huge punch! Learn More
  29. Liberty - Dominator

    This a 13 shot, 200 gram cake from Dominator that has Brocade Crown Willows with golden tails. Learn More
  30. Saturn Missile Battery 200 Shot - Dominator

    200 successive whistling shrilling missiles fly skyward then explode with reports. Can be heard from miles away. Learn More
  31. Broken Heart - Winda

    Broken Heart from Winda is a great combination of low hanging red and purple palms with white and green strobes. Learn More
  32. Silent Power - Winda Fireworks

    This 15 shot, 200 gram cake is silent but beautiful with it's horse tail breaks! Learn More
  33. Strong Man - Winda

    Strong Man is a 16 shot, 200 gram cake from Winda that combines palm trees, crackle and time rain effects. Packs a huge punch! Learn More
  34. Free Flyin - Cutting edge

    This 16 shotter has tons of patriotic pop! Learn More
  35. Confetti Cake - Winda

    This 30 shot day cake is one of the most unique on the market! Each shot fires amazing confetti that is great for any celebration! Learn More
  36. Shocking Pink - Dominator Fireworks

    Shocking Pink is one of the only all pink cakes on the market. Great for gender reveals! Learn More
  37. Born on the Bayou - Texas Outlaw

    This 200 gram, 16 shot cake from Texas Outlaw has great pace on tons of color and noise! Learn More
  38. Mammoth Strobe Mini - Dominator

    Crowd favorite, Mammoth Strobe, now has a little brother! This packs the same kind of punch, with a sky full of the brightest white strobes on the market! Learn More
  39. Piranha Panic - Dominator

    This 19 shot repeater has amazing fish effects! Crowd Favorite! Learn More
  40. Rowdy Rampage - Dominator

    16 shots that has a lot more power than you think with tons of crackle! Learn More
  41. Inferno - Winda

    This 200 shot, 200 gram cake has amazing effects at a great price point! Learn More
  42. Snafu - Dominator

    Don't let the size fool you on this 9 shot cake from Dominator, it packs a punch! Learn More
  43. Red, White, and Blue Bombs - Dominator

    This is one patriotic cake! It has 16 red, white, and blue glittering shots! Learn More
  44. Electricity - Cutting Edge

    This 200 gram cake packs tons of punch with plenty of colors and brocade crown! Learn More
  45. Livewire - Cutting Edge

    This 13 shot cake has beautiful silver breaks with red tips! Learn More
  46. Comet Blast - Dominator

    The name says it all! This 7 shot cake from Dominator is all Comets! Learn More
  47. Death Rattle - Cutting Edge

    This 25 shot cake is fast hitting with tons of color! Learn More
  48. Hammertime - Dominator

    This 16 shot repeater combines plenty of hard hitting crackle and chrysanthemums! Learn More
  49. Special - Cutting Edge

    Don't let the size fool you this 10 shot, 200 gram cake will fill the sky! Learn More
  50. Saturn Missile Battery 12 Shot - Cutting Edge

    This 12 shot Saturn Missile Battery is a jumbo version of the pyro classic! 4 Per Pack! Learn More

Items 1 to 50 of 628 total

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