Slice Cake - 13 Shot Various Effects Standard (Click for Types)

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These 13 shot slice cakes shoot all at once and come in 12 types with mix cases available...

  • PFX13FR-1: Pink Crossette with White Strobe Mines
  • PFX13FR-2: Brocade comets with Green Strobe Mines
  • PFX13FR-3: Silver Tiger Comet with Red Strobe Mines
  • PFX13FR-4: Gold Tiger Tail with Green Strobe Mines
  • PFX13FR-5: Gold Glitter Tail with Blue Mines
  • PFX13FR-6: White Strobe Mines
  • PFX13FR-7: Brocade & Red Star Mines to White Strobe Willow
  • PFX13FR-8: Silver Crackling Crossettes
  • PFX13FR-9: Red Star Mines with Whirlwinds
  • PFX13FR-10: Red, White, and Blue
  • PFX13FR-11: Silver Crackle Mines
  • PFX13FR-12: All Crackle Crossette

Dominator 1.4 Pro Items Require Special Qualifications to Purchase.

Call for Qualification Details or to Place Order.