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Roman Candles


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  1. 10 Ball Mini Roman Candles - Boomer

    Don't let the size full you with these candles! These 10 shotters come 12 per pack and pack plenty of punch! Learn More
  2. Beyond the Glory - World Class

    These roman candles are some of the biggest on the market with tons of effects! 8 per pack. Learn More
  3. Blue Thunder - Mad Ox

    This 8 ball classic gives you all the Blue effects you can handle! 6 per pack. Learn More
  4. Bubble Blaster - World Class

    This 240 shot roman candle is fun for all ages and one of the biggest on the market! Learn More
  5. Color Pearl 5 Ball Bang - Boomer Fireworks

    These candles pack a huge punch with some of the best report on the market! 4 per pack with 5 shots each. Learn More
  6. Gambler - Texas Outlaw

    This 4 pack of roman candles has 5 amazing effects per candle! Learn More
  7. Gun Fighter Candles - Texas Outlaw

    This 4 pack of candles have 10 shots each of flashing thunder breaks. Learn More
  8. Magical Roman Candle 10 Ball - Dominator

    A classic 10 ball roman candle from Dominator! Learn More
  9. Platinum Pink Candles - Dominator

    These roman candles are the pinkest on the market! 4 per pack. Learn More
  10. Pyramid Power Candles - Dominator

    This 10 pack of roman candles has 5 shots each and include charcoal willows, red pearls to crackle, silver flying fish, white strobes, whistling, and tails. Learn More
  11. Pyramid Power Candles - World Class

    This is a 12 pack of roman candles with various types. Great assortment! Learn More
  12. Roman Candle Assorted Effects - Cutting Edge

    You get 5 assorted candles... 1) Blue Thunder 2) Crackling Candle 3) Flashing Thunder 4) Roman Candle with Tail 5) Whistling Dragon Roman Candle 8 shots Learn More
  13. Roman Candle Poly Pack - Winda

    Roman Candle Poly Pack is made by Winda and you get 24 Roman Candles with great variety! Learn More
  14. Sky Thunder Candles - Cutting Edge

    These 8 shot candles have a great variety of report and tails! 4 per pack. Learn More
  15. Son of a Gun Candles - Dominator

    Eight candles, each with different fancy effects. Whistles, spinners, comets, reports and more! Fantastic. Learn More
  16. Sparkling Falls - World Class

    This 10 shot roman candle is one of the most unique candle effects on the market! Learn More
  17. Staff of Ra Candle - Red Rhino

    Large 10 shot candle that fires gold brocade comet balls with flittering trailing tails. Learn More
  18. Stampede Candle - Dominator

    This roman candle has 180 colorful shots that shoot at a rapid pace. An unique and amazing item from Dominator! Learn More
  19. Tommy Gun Assorted Roman Candles - Cutting Edge

    Tommy Gun Assorted Roman Candles are some of the strongest and most powerful on the market! Learn More

19 Item(s)