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Roman Candles


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  1. Beyond the Glory - World Class

    These roman candles are some of the biggest on the market with tons of effects! 8 per pack. Learn More
  2. Color Pearl 5 Ball Bang - Boomer Fireworks

    These candles pack a huge punch with some of the best report on the market! 4 per pack with 5 shots each. Learn More
  3. Gun Fighter Candles - Texas Outlaw

    This 4 pack of candles have 10 shots each of flashing thunder breaks. Learn More
  4. Platinum Pink Candles - Dominator

    These roman candles are the pinkest on the market! 4 per pack. Learn More
  5. Pyramid Power Candles - Dominator

    This 10 pack of roman candles has 5 shots each and include charcoal willows, red pearls to crackle, silver flying fish, white strobes, whistling, and tails. Learn More
  6. Pyramid Power Candles - World Class

    This is a 12 pack of roman candles with various types. Great assortment! Learn More
  7. Roman Candle 10 Ball Assortment - World Class

    You get one each of the following 10 Ball Roman Candles... 1) Barrage 2) Buzz Bombs 3) Colour Blitz 4) Dream Space 5) Fire Balls 6) Flying Tiger 7) Glitters 8) Rainbow Great Assortment! Learn More
  8. Roman Candle Poly Pack - Winda

    Roman Candle Poly Pack is made by Winda and you get 24 Roman Candles with great variety! Learn More
  9. Sky Thunder Candles - Cutting Edge

    These 8 shot candles have a great variety of report and tails! 4 per pack. Learn More
  10. Son of a Gun Candles - Dominator

    Eight candles, each with different fancy effects. Whistles, spinners, comets, reports and more! Fantastic. Learn More
  11. Sparkling Falls - World Class

    This 10 shot roman candle is one of the most unique candle effects on the market! Learn More
  12. Staff of Ra Candle - Red Rhino

    Large 10 shot candle that fires gold brocade comet balls with flittering trailing tails. Learn More
  13. Stampede Candle - Dominator

    This roman candle has 180 colorful shots that shoot at a rapid pace. An unique and amazing item from Dominator! Learn More
  14. Stun Gun - Winda

    This monster of a roman candle shoots 146 fast paced shots! Learn More
  15. Tommy Gun Assorted Roman Candles - Cutting Edge

    Tommy Gun Assorted Roman Candles are some of the strongest and most powerful on the market! Learn More

15 Item(s)