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Planes and UFO's


13 Item(s)

  1. Artificial Satellites - Red Rhino

    You get 12 of Red Rhino's high quality plastic artificial satellites. A pyro classic! Learn More
  2. Big Bees - Dominator

    This great helicopter item spins up to 50 ft with a bright silver tail and then ends with a colorful burst! 6 Per Pack Learn More
  3. Darts - Dominator

    A unique item from Dominator! They start by spinning and shoot upward with great speed! Learn More
  4. F-116 Fighter Jet - Dominator

    This F-116 Fighter Jet is one of the coolest on the market! It has great size and speed! Learn More
  5. Flying UFO - Dominator

    This 3 pack of UFOs spin rapidly, shoot upwards, and end with a nice report. Learn More
  6. Lady Bugs - Boomer

    These spinners spin as fast can be and shoot straight into the sky! Amazing! Learn More
  7. Lotus Lantern - Winda

    This 4 pack of tiny wheels spin with great green and red coloring! Learn More
  8. Outerspace Jet 2 Stages - Winda

    These high flyers are pyro classics that rapidly spin and shoot into the air at jet speed! Learn More
  9. Peacemaker - Dominator

    These little flyers from Dominator pack some punch for their size! You get 6 per pack and they burst into color and noise! Learn More
  10. Reconnaissance Plane - Legend

    A pyro classic! 2 planes per pack. Learn More
  11. Sunflower - Boomer

    These classic spinning, flying sunflowers spark and shoot straight into the air! 6 Per Pack. Learn More
  12. Whirlwind - Dominator

    Fantastic! These small items are sure to surprise and come 3 per pack. They start as a spinner then dart off skyward with a zipping noise. Learn More
  13. Whistling Chaser - Cutting Edge

    These little guys take off with tons of speed and noise! Fun for all ages! Learn More

13 Item(s)