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  1. Viper - Dominator

    This 10 shot, 500 gram cake packs a great punch for a great price! Learn More
  2. Twin Freaks - World Class

    These little guys are some of the fastest spinners you will find. Don't let their size fool you! Learn More
  3. Theatrical Thunder - Dominator

    These 10 huge shots have a bright comet with various amazing effects! Learn More
  4. Alien Fountain - World Class

    Watch as this alien shaped fountain combines tons of color and sound as the face glows in the dark. This fountain is out of this world! Learn More
  5. Rodeo - Mad Ox

    8 shots of spinning tourbillion tails to peonies and crackling flowers. Tons of power! Learn More
  6. Dirty Dog - Dominator

    This one of a kind effect is like watching your dog do it's business in the backyard! Learn More
  7. Violet and Crimson Fountains - Cutting Edge

    You get 6 green, red, and white glitter fountains that pack a great punch for their size! Learn More
  8. Tumbleweed - Mad Ox

    You won't find many 500 gram cakes with as big of breaks as Tumbleweed! 9 shots per cake! Learn More
  9. Forget Me Not - Cutting Edge

    This fan shaped fountain has 3 positions that combine beautiful colors and tons of crackle! Learn More
  10. Sky Lantern Pumpkin - Dominator

    These Chinese Sky Lanterns fly as far as the eye can see! Easy to light and environmentally safe! One of the most popular items on the market! Learn More
  11. Fruit Punch Assortment - Mad Ox

    The Fruit Punch Assortment from Mad Ox Fireworks comes with 4 amazing and colorful cakes. You get Banana Blast, Blueberry Blast, Grape Glitz, and Tangerine Dream! Learn More
  12. Snow Cone - Winda Fireworks

    This unique fountain is a minute and a half of flowering, pearl effects that is tons of fun! Learn More
  13. Home Run - Cutting Edge

    Home Run is 66 shots of falling leaves with beautiful colors. This 500 Gram Cake will wow the crowd! Learn More

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13 Item(s)