5" Assorted Color Shells Sunny Assortment #1


Call for Pricing and Qualifications

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Each Assortment comes with the following 36 shells...

Aqua Peony x 2

Blue Crossette x 2

Brocade Crown x 2

Glitter Siler to Green Chrysanthemum x 2

Gold Flitter x 2

Gold Glitter Crosette x 2

Green Chrysanthemum x 2

Lemon and Purple Peony x 2

Lemon Crossette x 2

Lemon Peony x 2

Purple Peony x 2

Red Crossette x 2

Red to Green Crossette x 2

Variegated Color x 2

Variegated to Crackling Flower x 2

White Peony x 2

Yellow Chrysanthemum x 2

Yellow Peony x 2

Contact us directly at (330) 650-1776 for qualification requirements